About Tom


  • There is no more important job for this generation than to train up the next.
  • Every student deserves the best education possible.
  • Teachers and staff should be well compensated for their work.
  • We should all expect excellence in all areas of D-20. Mediocrity is not acceptable.
  • Education decisions are best kept at the local level.
  • The School Board is accountable to the parents, voters, and taxpayers of D-20.
  • Bond 3A money must be spent frugally and wisely.
  • Parents know what is best for their children.



  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering Mechanics – United States Air Force Academy 19822004 9-30 T-38 Holloman Tom LaValley 2
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering-New Mexico State University 1989
  • US Air Force pilot/instructor-1982-1989
  • US Air Force Reserve Lt. Col. Retired
  • Mathematics Instructor- US Air Force Academy 2005-2006
  • Pilot with United Airlines- 1991-Present
  • Pilot Instructor-United Airlines 1992-2000
  • Board Member-The Classical Academy 2014-2017- Vice Chair first year, Chairman last 2 years
  • Member Colorado League of Charter Schools Governmental Affairs Committee-2015-2017
  • Member/Chair of several School Accountability Committees (SAC)
  • Graduate of the Leadership Program of the Rockies-2015
  • Member of the Executive Committee-El Paso County GOP
  • Local Precinct leader
  • Church Board member for 9 years
  • Adult Sunday school teacher for many years



  • Married for 35 years to Nona
  • Four adult children; 2 are school teachers
  • 26 year resident of D-20
  • Climbed all of Colorado’s 14ers
  • Completed 3 marathons including Boston