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Keith King
Former State Senator and City Council President

“I have known Tom LaValley for over 25 years and he has been a committed husband and father. He is also a dedicated supporter of a quality education for all students. He believes that no student should leave high school without being college ready. I support Tom because caring begins at home and ends in the marketplace. My hope is that every student finds success for their college or chosen career with an education from D-20. I believe Tom will make that happen and that is why I endorse him for the D-20 board of education.”


Dan Nordberg
State Representative – Colorado Springs, House District 14

“I endorse Tom LaValley for the Academy D-20 School Board.  Tom is a proven leader and servant in our community.  His tenure as the Chairman of the board of The Classical Academy has provided him invaluable experience in school governance.  He is a great choice.”

Peggy Littleton
County Commissioner
Former State Board of Education member

“Integrity, Knowledge, Passion.

These are the qualities necessary to be an effective leader. Tom LaValley possesses all three. I’ve known Tom LaValley and his family for over two decades.  He is rock solid and lives by the mantra “There is no right way to do the wrong thing”.
As a former State Board of Education member, educator, charter school Board President and current TCA Board Member, I recognize when someone has the knowledge and experience for a Board of Education seat, Tom fits the job description to a tee.
The involvement he invested in his own four children and numerous others as a TCA Board President validates his passion for family and children having the best educational opportunities possible.
I endorse and support Tom LaValley 100% for the D-20 School Board and hope you will join me.”

Catherine Bullock
D-20 board member

“I have known Tom LaValley for many years and highly recommend him for the district 20 school board. He has been very involved in education for many years. Tom is a man of great integrity, and intelligence and has a strong work ethic. I know he will be a great asset to the District 20 Board of Education.”

Dr. Gary Coulter
Former D-20 board member, 8 years

“As has traditionally been the case, Academy District 20 is fortunate to have a distinguished and highly qualified number of men and women running for the three available seats on the D20 Board of Education.  Of the candidates whom I know personally, (and I know Tom well) one stands out as an individual with such experience, well-considered judgment, commitment to the founding principles of public education and exemplary moral character that he has earned my full support.

Without reservation, I recommend Tom LaValley to District 20 voters as an individual who will well and faithfully carry out all the duties and responsibilities of a D20 BoE “Director” and adhere to the highest standards of duty, honor, and integrity while doing so.

Tom believes, as do I, that “The highest responsibility of any generation is to educate the next.”  In the years Tom was a member, and later the Chairman, of the Classical Academy Board of Education I was always impressed by his well-considered, mature and logical decisions based on his total dedication to a solid public education for all children.  Added to that, his commitment to financial transparency and accountability to parents, other taxpayers and to the professional educators and administrators of D20 is second to none.

Tom is totally committed to ensuring that every child in District 20 is provided the best public education available anywhere in Colorado. With Tom LaValley on the Academy District 20 BoE, a District 20 education will continue to be “the standard against which all others are compared.” Like you, I’ve got three votes for District 20 “directors” this November and one of those will most assuredly be going to Tom LaValley.  I encourage you to join me.”


Tom Weston
Charter School Liason, D-20

“I have had the privilege of working in public education for nearly 40 years.  I have been a classroom teacher, student activities director, assistant principal and was honored to serve as the high school principal at Liberty High School until 2009.  Since that time, I have worked as a charter school liaison for school districts, including Academy School District 20.

Throughout my career, I have studied leadership: leadership styles, strategies, protocols, decision-making and policy development.  I have been fortunate to work alongside some find leaders, and among that group, there has been no finer leader than Tom LaValley.  Tom guided The Classical Academy Board of Directors as its chairman, bringing professionalism, respect, thoughtfulness, and wisdom to his position while building strong relationships with administration, staff and his fellow Directors.

I endorse Tom because his many strengths, his experience, and his wisdom will add tremendous value to the already strong Academy20 Board of Education.  I endorse Tom because he listens as much as he leads, because his heart is one dedicated to students, and because his integrity is unquestioned.  He shows great courage in difficult moments and consistently demonstrates the ability to understand other points of view, to discuss issues intelligently, and to build consensus.

There are many fine candidates seeking a seat on the Academy 20 Board of Education.  I endorse Tom because, after working with him and observing him for several years, I know he would be a particularly strong addition to the District’s Board of Education. He brings a unique experience as a parent and as a former Board of Directors Chairman. He brings a passion for education and for excellence.

Academy School District 20 strives for excellence in all that they do; electing Tom LaValley to the Board of Education will further strengthen the excellence that characterizes Academy School District 20.”


Cassandra Sebastian

“It is with great excitement that I endorse Tom LaValley for Academy District 20 School Board. I live in District 20, and there is nothing more important to me than having a solid school board, that understands the importance of a quality education and parent choice. Tom understands this and has a proven track record of fighting for kids in the state of Colorado. Thank you for running Tom, Academy District 20 will be lucky to have you!”


Rob Moulton
The Classical Academy Board Chairman

“Without any hesitation, I think Tom is the best candidate for the District 20 school board. Tom was an excellent Chairman of our school board (we were disappointed when he chose not to run for re-election), is highly respected by parents and leaders in our local neighborhoods and city, and epitomizes wisdom, fairness, and diligence.  He is a competent leader with a steadfast commitment to the well-being of all of our students. If you want an advocate who listens and truly seeks to serve those he represents, then your vote should be for Tom.”